ImageOptimization for Documentum

Image Optimization for OpenText Documentum

(Formerly sold as ImageOptimization for EMC Documentum)

ImageOptimization for OpenText Leverages Documentum as a More Functional Content Management System

ImageOptimization for OpenText is the perfect PDF optimization and document capture complement for organizations utilizing OpenText Documentum (formerly EMC Documentum). ImageOptimization is designed to dramatically compress and optimize existing image documents as well as process all incoming image documents into a repository. As more organizations rely on OpenText solutions, ImageOptimization for OpenText Documentum offers the opportunity to reduce storage, backup, and archival costs while generating more efficient image documents for employees to manage.

ImageOptimization allows organizations to utilize OpenText Documentum as a more functional content management system by producing significantly more optimized files. Content stored in the repositories are dramatically compressed and converted into uniform high-quality PDF files with advanced PDF control. Typical black and white scans are reduced by a factor of 5x-10x and color scans by a factor of 50x-100x. ImageOptimization produces better-looking files at much smaller file sizes that are easier and faster to email, share, and transmit.

In addition to compressed PDF files, ImageOptimization for OpenText Documentum offers high quality OCR of image documents within an organization's repository. With the highest recognition rates in the industry, more reliable text-searchable documents are created. Employees become more efficient by performing highly reliable text searches quickly. More accurate OCR results allow organizations to increase their efficiency in managing scanned image documents. Organizations can reduce storage and back up costs associated with managing their image documents with compressed files. By integrating with existing document workflows, organizations will maximize their investment in these systems.

ImageOptimization for OpenText Documentum Enables Organizations to:

• Integrate seamlessly into Documentum with advanced compression, OCR, and PDF optimization
• Produce high quality PDF files at much smaller file sizes
• Reduce storage and backup costs associated with image documents
• Generate image documents that are more efficient to email, access, store, and transmit
• Facilitate mobile viewing with smaller PDFs that can be opened faster on any device, increasing information accessibility.
• Include Bates stamping on output PDF files
• Compress black & white scans by a factor of 5-10x and color scans by a factor of 50-100x
• Create uniform PDF files with advanced PDF control