OCR Engine

Why use CVISION OCR Engine?

For Industrial-Strength, Batch Automated OCR with
Super-Accurate results

The OCR engine within PdfCompressor has been engineered, and designed for industrial strength, corporate volume scanning & OCR needs. Through robust functionality, PdfCompressor provides configurations for speed, volume, and automation. CVISION automates the OCR process with Watch Folder capabilities; through Watch Folders, users can leave the process unattended as documents are processed. In Watch Folder mode, files are OCR’d by simply being dropped into a folder. To accommodate large volume scanning, the Batch OCR feature within PdfCompressor enables scanned documents to be processed fast; PdfCompressor OCR processing rates are about 5 page per second.

PdfCompressor offers a variety of configurable features to make it the perfect fit for industrial strength, corporate OCR:

  • Watch Folder for an automated OCR process
  • Batch OCR for large volume
  • Fast OCR processing rates, about 5 pages/second
  • Robust Batch OCR functionality including error log files & confidence controls
  • Control output generated in 10 different formats
  • Supports OCR input of 15 different file formats including TIFF & PDF

OCR Accuracy, Reliability in PdfCompressor
The OCR engine within PdfCompressor is the most accurate OCR product available. PdfCompressor’s OCR has been tested and proven to locate difficult text often missed by competing products. The super-accurate OCR engine identifies text within low resolution captured documents, documents containing multi-directional text, and documents containing color text. More accurate OCR results translate to greater efficiency in managing scanned documents. With PdfCompressor, users are able to locate a single word within an entire multi-page document; this is analogous to finding the needle in a haystack. Time saved searching, editing, & copying text adds up to greater employee productivity within the paperless environment.

OCR Accuracy combined with File Compression
CVISION’s PdfCompressor combines the convenience of super-accurate OCR with image compression technology. PdfCompressor is capable of reducing color files up to 100 times smaller, and black & white files up to 10x smaller. Compressed files are easier to email, transmit, open, and store. PdfCompressor with OCR allows users to transmit, and open documents quickly, then begin searching and indexing on them accurately.

CVISION's OCR is available in up to 118 languages, click here to view the list of languages.