PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva

PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva
(Formerly sold as PDFOptimizer for EMC Captiva)

Optimize OpenText Captiva with Compression, OCR, & Encryption

PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva (formerly EMC Captiva) is a complete document optimization solution that offers a powerful combination of compression and OCR. PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva creates the most efficient files possible through its advanced compression settings, image processing techniques, and superior OCR capability. PDFOptimizer integrates seamlessly with OpenText Captiva, allowing users to benefit from the most optimized PDFs possible.

The compression component of PDFOptimizer for OpenText compresses black and white image files by a factor of 5x-10x and color image files by a factor of 10x-100x. Compressed files look visually identical as the original files and are fully compatible with Adobe Reader. By reducing file size, documents can be emailed, transmitted, and stored more efficiently.

Users of PDFOptimizer can also benefit from reduced storage and bandwidth requirements. Corporate users with a high-volume of documents are able to reduce storage costs. Smaller file sizes not only eliminate the need to purchase more storage but also accelerate document accessibility and transmission of documents.

PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva enables organizations to become increasingly mobile. Through advanced compression, image based documents can be reduced to a fraction of its size. Thus, making mobile opening and viewing PDFs dramatically faster, increasing information accessibility. Smaller documents are also cheaper to store as they require less bandwidth.

Put the power of PDFOptimizer to work for you. PDFOptimizer for OpenText Captiva is the compression software of choice for giants like FedEx, GMAC, Boeing, Sprint and Bank One. It’s also the choice for hundreds of other satisfied clients, with proven results on over one billion documents.

Benefits to OpenText Captiva Users

• OCR support in 118 languages including Arabic
• Advanced compression to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements while accelerating document accessibility and transmission
• 508 compliant software accessible to persons with disabilities
• PDFs are compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or later
• PDF/A output for document archival
• Multiple OCR settings for varying accuracy and speed
• Multi-threaded processing support in both batch and service modes
• PDF functionality: annotations, date stamp, page stamp, Bates stamp, custom text, metadata insertion, output to custom page dimensions

PDF Optimization Suite
For OpenText® Captiva®
Includes CVISION PDFOptimizer, OCR, Advanced PDF, and MS Office Converter

PDF Optimization:
The PDF Optimization Suite can compress electronic, image, and hybrid PDFs into perceptually lossless documents. It has the ability to reduce up to 2X-10X the original size. It allows the conversion of image formats to web-optimized PDF, with document features of web optimization, document splitting, metadata insertion, and viewer preferences. For security, there are password encryption, read/write/edit protection, print protection/ restrictions, and process password-protected files. Furthermore, the PDF Optimization Suite allows for annotations such as headers, footers, stamps and watermarks.

OCR & Text Search/Indexing:
• Full-text PDF search for electronic, image, and complex hybrid documents
• 4 OCR modes including super-accurate mode with voting engine
• Fast, multithreaded OCR
• Robust document indexing
• Multi-language and custom dictionary support
• Zonal OCR for fixed form data extraction
• Multi-directional text recognition
• Output text to XML and MS Office formats
• Section 508 compliance for the visually impaired
• Vector-based character recognition (CAD/CAM)

Advanced PDF:
• Render PDF to image
• File-based OCR to preserve electronic content (bookmarks, hyperlinks, etc.)
• Convert PDF files to PDF/A for archiving and records management
• Process complex PDFs including: PDF/A, PDF/X, packages and portfolios

MS Office Converter:
• MS Office to PDF, MS Office to image, full-text extraction and indexing

OpenText Integration:
• Create compressed PDF files based on how document pages are rearranged via the Captiva interface: Split, Merge, Delete and Reorder pages as necessary to conform to the new page arrangement specified
• Fully interoperable with the OpenText Captiva product line
• PDF software solutions through OpenText Captiva for over 10 years
• PDFOptimizer is an integrated PDF solution for Captiva