PdfCompressor for Kofax

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture:
Optimize PDF files within your Kofax Workflow

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture creates super-compressed (100x), web-optimized PDFs, with full multithreaded support for color capture and high accuracy OCR based text extraction.

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture works to provide:

  • Color output up to 100x smaller and black & white up to 10x smaller
  • Documents that are text-searchable with super-accurate OCR
  • PDF/A compliance for reliable document archiving
  • Higher accuracy for forms processing using color capture
  • Web-optimized documents, Bates stamping, headers/footers
  • Image processing: auto-rotation, auto-inversion, auto-smoothing, de-cropping
  • Auto-proofing of the document conversion process
  • Files that can be emailed and transmitted with ease and speed
  • Files viewable by anyone using Adobe's Standard Reader—no special plug-ins required!

Control PdfCompressor using Kofax Capture:

  • Choose OCR settings based on speed or accuracy
  • Choose between Lossless or Perceptually Lossless Compression Modes
  • Choose Acrobat version compatibility of PDF (4.0 and higher)
  • Deskew, Rotate, and Invert documents
  • Customize document metadata
  • Secure documents with passwords and 128-bit encryption

CVISION Technologies has developed a Kofax Custom Module for conversion to compressed, searchable PDFs with easy integration into Kofax Capture. CVISION now allows you to optimize your Kofax workflow. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture distinguishes itself through dramatic compression rates and super-accurate OCR.

During the conversion process, PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture generates an intelligent scanned PDF image document with an embedded OCR layer and full text searchability, all completely within the Kofax Capture workflow.

The KCM module contains a full range of functions to optimize your TIFF, JPEG and PDF files for the web. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture is capable of PDF functions including web-optimization, Bates stamping, headers/footers, metadata insertion, security and more. You can also enhance your scanned files with image processing functions including auto-rotation, auto-inversion, and auto-smoothing. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture possesses a super-accurate, multi-directional Turbo OCR feature, and allows for 10x Black & White (JBIG2) compression and 100x color (JPX) compression.

PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture allows users to utilize any release script that supports Kofax PDF. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture can replace the Kofax PDF generator without losing any functionality.