Mortgage Processing Automation
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Understanding the Mortgage Industry's Move Towards Automated Processing

CVISION's Newest Release

CVISION's Newest Release

Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0

Automate Invoice Processing with Higher Recognition Rates
Reduce Costs, Improve Accuracy, Leave Manual Processing Behind


Accelerate Your Workflow: Find Vital Information Faster
Rapid, Highly Accurate OCR Makes Scanned Documents and Electronic PDF Files Fully Text Searchable

Superior OCR


File Compression

Convert all Image Documents into Compressed, Searchable PDF Files
Share, Transmit, Access & Store Files More Efficiently


Document Automation

Automate Business Processes:
Forms, Invoices, EOBS and Other Corporate Documents


✔ Industrial Strength PDF Conversion, Compression, & OCR
✔ Dramatic File Compression
✔ Generate the Most Efficient PDF Files
✔ Most Accurate OCR Available

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