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Mortgage Automation in the Digital Age

June 13th, 2016 by Kelvin

Processing mortgage loan packets in a traditional sense where manual data entry typically resulted in a slow, costly, error-prone and labor-intensive task is a thing of the past.   In the digital age, automated software solutions like Trapeze for Mortgage Processing is designed to make processing mortgage loans more efficient for banks and other financial institutions. Automation builds new efficiencies into the mortgage processing workflow, including:

  • Accelerated mortgage document processing speeds
  • Reduced labor costs associated with manual data entry
  • Minimized human error
  • Machine learning for improved accuracy and performance over time

Trapeze for Mortgage Processing delivers high-speed, high-accuracy of 99.5% in both document classification and data extraction results. There are two main components of the solution:

  1. Automated Mortgage Document Classification: Automatically classifies various mortgage loan packet documents such as tax information, salary records, applicant identification forms, etc.
  2. Automated Data Extraction: Automatically extracts the critical data necessary to evaluate loan packets.

Through Trapeze for Mortgage Processing, a leading financial institution was able to reduce processing time from over 2 hours per packet to under 5 minutes each. That’s a 96% increase in efficiency. Automation enables businesses to spend less time keying information and more time evaluating mortgage applications – enabling faster operations and freeing up resources for higher value-added tasks.

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CVISION Releases Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0

April 14th, 2016 by Kelvin

Forest Hills, New York – 4/14/16 – CVISION Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0, the latest version of our industry-leading automated invoice processing software. The newly updated Trapeze for Invoice Processing is designed to rapidly and reliably extract relevant information from high volumes of invoices.

Featuring improvements to our highly accurate OCR engine, multi-tenant support, and advanced machine learning technology, Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0 not only integrates seamlessly with your accounts payable (AP) system, but reduces manual data entry costs while improving both the accuracy and speed of data extraction.

T4IP 4.0 New Features

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Mission to Automate the Knowledge Worker

February 12th, 2016 by Kelvin

CVISION has always sought to push the world of business toward the paperless office. This is a vision of efficiency, in which our clients are freed from the clutter and chaos of stacks of paper, while still benefiting from the information contained in their critical business documents.

Now, our company is ripe for reaching even further to include knowledge worker automation in our inherent mission. CVISION’s Trapeze solutions enable organizations to automate document processing, including document types such as invoices, tax forms, mortgage documents, and more. With high data extraction accuracy rates, an auto-validation tool, and superb document classification and assembly rates, our Trapeze solutions are fueling CVISION’s rise as a leading provider of an extremely disruptive technology.

The onset of knowledge worker automation will allow organizations to utilize their valuable human capital more efficiently as data entry and processing tasks are handled by automated solutions. CVISION is excited to blaze the trail forward for the newfound efficiencies that can help our clients’ businesses succeed.

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Is File Compression Only About Saving on Storage Costs?

January 5th, 2016 by Kelvin

Question: Is File Compression Only About Saving on Storage Costs?

Answer: File Compression is helpful for saving on storage costs, but there are far more valuable benefits to utilizing this vital software. Smaller files are easily accessible via email, take less time to upload, download, and transmit, and enable employees to communicate rapidly. This creates an efficient environment for businesses in any industry where decisions and processes depend on information contained in their documents.

CVISION’S PdfCompressor is a leading file compression solution that has been proven to enable organizations to reach new efficiencies. Click here to learn more.

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Leading Distribution Company Realizes ROI within 6 Months of Trapeze for Invoice Processing

December 31st, 2015 by Kelvin

A leading US distribution company faced the challenge of having a labor-intensive invoice processing operation. With high volumes of invoices coming in through different channels including fax, mail, and email, it was becoming very time-consuming for employees to manually process the invoices. The company was considering hiring a new employee for the department.

Utilizing CVISION’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing, the company was able to automate and dramatically accelerate their invoice processing operation without hiring an additional employee. Trapeze improved the accuracy of their data-entry and retrieval of invoices. All invoices processed by Trapeze were fully text-searchable, allowing all departments to retrieve invoices instantly. The company was able to realize an ROI within 6 months of installing Trapeze for Invoice Processing.



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CVISION will Exhibit at Prophet 21 WWUG in New Orleans

August 19th, 2015 by Kelvin

CVISION Technologies is excited to exhibit at the Prophet 21 WWUG Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 23-25, 2015.

CVISION will be demonstrating Trapeze for Invoice Processing, an automated invoice processing software solution, at booth #202. The 3-day conference is full of classes that cover all areas of the Prophet 21 system, portal views, scripts and much more. CVISION will teach a few classes, offer free consulting sessions and demonstrate Trapeze for Invoice Processing at the CVISION booth. CVISION will also discuss the benefits of Trapeze for Invoice Processing which includes powerful yet simple to use functionality, highly accurate OCR and industrial strength for corporate environments:

Powerful yet Simple To Use Functionality

Trapeze for Invoice Processing uses machine learning technology that gives organizations the ability to process various invoices and accounts payable documents that can differ in source, format or location. Trapeze for Invoice Processing minimizes the need for time-intensive, manual data entry and integrates smoothly into the accounts payable workflow, allowing users to quickly and easily realize new efficiencies in invoice processing.

Highly Accurate OCR

Trapeze for Invoice Processing boasts a highly accurate OCR data recognition engine. Using advanced image processing techniques, CVISION’s OCR engine can accurately identify low-resolution text, text of varying color, and multi-directional text. Trapeze’s reliable data extraction capabilities make invoice automation efficient, trustworthy, and easy to work with.

Industrial Strength

Trapeze for Invoice Processing is designed for organizations with high volumes of invoices and account payable documents. Trapeze’s settings allow you to set up business rules for each document type for automated classification and routing. This allows organizations to organize and analyze high volumes of invoices rapidly and intelligently.

If you are attending Prophet 21 WWUG, we encourage you to stop by the CVISION booth (#202) to evaluate our solution for automated invoice processing. At the booth, you can also enter to win a free Fitbit!

Learn more about Trapeze for Invoice Processing

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A Step toward Universal Document Capture: PdfCompressor 6.5

July 31st, 2015 by Kelvin

With best-in-class OCR & dramatic file compression, the newly updated PdfCompressor 6.5 is designed to optimize PDF documents, making them smaller, faster and easier to view and transfer. This new release features more efficient processing for both scanned image documents and electronically generated PDF files, allowing organizations to maximize workflow efficiencies for more document types than ever before. Built for high-volume, corporate environments, PdfCompres­sor 6.5 integrates seamlessly into existing workflows to allow organizations to spend less time manag­ing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks. Here are some of PdfCompressor 6.5 top new features:

Updated OCR Engine for even more reliable text searches:

The updated OCR engine in PdfCompressor 6.5 is the most accurate OCR solution available. PdfCompressor’s OCR can identify text within low resolution, multi-directional and color. Recognized text can now be exported to .docx and .epub formats. Having the ability to reliably search, edit and copy text within a PDF is a major time saver. Time saved searching for critical information adds up to greater employee productivity within the paperless environment.

 Improved Processing of image documents and electronically generated PDF files:

PdfCompressor 6.5 now processes captured, electronic and hybrid PDF documents more efficiently. For hybrid documents, CVISION processes image portions of the documents and preserves any existing electronic components such as bookmarks, hyperlinks and PDF attributes such as PDF/A for archiving. CVISION’s real-time OCR intelligently checks for existing text layers and produces fully searchable PDFs with no need to render to image for maximum efficiency.

Option to Split multi-page input files during compression:

PdfCompressor 6.5 provides the option to split a multi-page PDF file into a single-page PDF file. For example, you can split one PDF document with five pages to five separate, one page PDFs. Being able to split multi-page files during compression can be very useful for storage and sharing. You can isolate selected pages instead of sending an entire PDF document with multiple pages.

Is your organization ready to experience the benefits of efficient document management? Try PdfCompressor 6.5 online as a free evaluation trial today.

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CVISION to Exhibit at EMC World

April 23rd, 2015 by Kelvin

CVISION is pleased to be going to EMC World again this year in Las Vegas! CVISION’s close relationship with EMC has led to beneficial software. Our PdfOptimizer and ImageOptimization are EMC Select products that complement EMC Captiva and Documentum that results in dramatic file size reduction, improved OCR, and PDF functionality.

“CVISION’s PDF optimization, compression, and OCR software has been sold to EMC clients for over 10 years as a seamless integration into Captiva and as of last year, Documentum,” commented Beth Fidellow, Director of Major Accounts at CVISION. “CVISION’s software has resulted in savings and substantial productivity gains for EMC customers.”

Meet us on May 4-6 at booth #1209, located in the Momentum Zone to converse more on the benefits of  CVISION’s solutions for EMC Captiva and Documentum.

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CVISION hosts Prophet 21 Webinar: Invoice Processing Automation

April 13th, 2015 by Kelvin

CVISION is pleased to host Prophet 21’s webinar on optimizing invoice processing efficiency with an automated solution design. Existing manual systems usually contribute high paper storage costs and clutter, valuable time spent on manual data entry, and potential late fees due to missed payments and similar errors. By utilizing OCR for invoice scanning and implementing an automated data extraction process, an organization can transition toward the paperless office, enabling it to achieve a rapid, tangible ROI in reduced accounts payable costs. We will demonstrate this simple way any accounts payable manager / supervisor, IT professional, or CFO can reduce their accounts payable cost while increasing accuracy and processing speeds.

Join us from 2-3pm on Tuesday, April 28 as we demonstrate how you can achieve a cost-effective business by automating your invoice processes.

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Upcoming Webinar: How to Reduce Accounts Payable Costs with Automated Data Extraction Software

March 12th, 2015 by Kelvin

Join CVISION and guest speaker, Carolyn Hunt, on Thursday, March 26 from 2:30-3:00pm to learn solutions to streamline the accounts payable process.

If your organization is manually keying in information from invoices, there are solutions available to dramatically reduce accounts payable costs. Attendees will learn how scanning invoices and automating the data entry process can transition an organization toward the paperless office, while also producing a quick, measurable ROI. This 30 minute webinar is essential for any fiscally responsible accounts payable manager, IT professional, or manager looking to reduce costs within an organization.

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