Case Studies


Top 5 Global Financial Firm Processes 1.25 Billion Pages Yearly with PdfCompressor

One of the top five global financial firms in the United States faced a number of challenges associated with high volume scanning. PdfCompressor was implemented and currently the firm processes 1.25 billion pages yearly and produced an ROI within a year.

Large Government Agency Uses Compression to Accelerate File Transmission Across A Distributed Environment

A large government agency licenses PdfCompressor to accelerate file transmission and retrieval to better manage time-sensitive scenarios.

Frontier Farm Credit Optimizes Accessibility with Distributed Capture Solution

Frontier Farm Credit Optimizes Accessibility of Image Documents with Distributed Capture Solution From CVISION

Leading hospital optimizes documents with compression and OCR

A leading hospital benefits from compressed and searchable documents.

New York City based law firm accelerates document efficiency with OCR

A New York City based law firm streamlines document workflow with OCR and compression.

Technology Company Reduces Storage Costs

A large technology company reduces storage costs and creates more efficient documents with CVISION'€™s PdfCompressor with OCR

Energy Company Improves Document Accessibility for Govt. Contract

Energy Consulting and Construction Company Improves Document Accessibility with Compression and OCR for Government Contract

Global Law Firm Resolves Firm-Wide Bottleneck of High-Volume Scanning & OCR Processing

A prestigious global law firm in the United States overcomes the various challenges associated with handling high volumes of documents with Pdf Compressor and eFiler.

CVISION Provides American Radio History a PDF Optimization Solution

Using CVISION's PdfCompressor, American Radio History compresses their documents to improve user experience on their website

Improved Efficiency for the Legal Industry

A legal organization is able to compress their documents, reduce storage costs in half, and realize a return on their ROI within six months.

File Compression and Dept. of Homeland Security

Homeland Security uses compression software from CVISION to optimize critical documents for access and transfer.

Legal Industry Enjoys Freedom from Paper

A law firm benefits from compression technology that integrates with their existing system and allows for easier remote access to documents.

University benefits from Improved Document Capture

A university library compresses its PDFs with CVISION software to overcome hardware limitations and provide students with academic resources.

Global Non-Profit uses compression and OCR to optimize document workflow

A global non-profit organization realizes the benefits of compression and OCR through files that are easier to access and require less bandwidth.

Media Organization enjoys benefits of OCR, compression, conversion

A media monitoring firm is able to optimize large color clip files and improve user experience with PDF compression and OCR.

Trapeze Suite

Global Credit Card Company Accelerates Merchant Statement Processing Speed

A global credit card company accelerates merchant statement processing speed by 86% with real-time automation solution.

Major Financial Institution Reduces Mortgage Document Processing Time with Automation Solution

A financial institution reduces mortgage document processing time by over 96% with automation solution.

Fortune 1000 Company Reduces AP Costs with Automated Invoice Processing Solution

Fortune 1000 Company Reduces AP Cost and Accelerates Accounts Payable Process with Automated Invoice Processing Solution

Manufacturing Company Reduces AP Costs with Advanced Solution

CVISION helps manufacturing company reduce costs, accelerate invoice processing, and improve image retrieval with advanced accounts payable automation solution.

Global Financial Company Utilizes Digital Mailroom

A global financial company overcomes mailroom inefficiency by converting to a digital mailroom.

Accounting Firm Automates Tax Forms Processing

International Accounting Firm Increases Productivity by Automating Tax Forms Processing

Leading Distribution Company Realizes ROI Within 6 Months

A leading US distribution company realizes ROI within 6 months of implementation of CVISION's Trapeze for Invoice Processing.

National University Expedites Transcript Processing with Automation Solution

A Large National University Uses Advanced Forms Processing Solution to Automate Transcript Processing

Global Financial Tech Company Improves Processes with Automation

A Large Global Financial Technology Company Improves Processes with Automated Redaction Solution from CVISION

Top 30 Accounting Firm Automates Tax Preparation

A top 30 accounting firm digitizes tax preparation with an automation solution.

Law Firm Protects Client Information with Automated Redaction Solution

A law firm improves its redaction process with automation software.

Technology Provider Benefits from Automated Processing Solution

A technology provider reduces manual data entry costs and improves document processing with automation.

Law Firm Benefits from Auto-Routing & Filing of Image Documents

A law firm with a large paper load uses eFiler to efficiently organize documents and reduce filing time.