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CVISION Featured in Document Imaging Report Discussing Real-Time OCR

CVISION Technologies was recently interviewed by Document Imaging Report (DIR) and featured on their blog.  DIR discusses CVISION’s soon to be released real-time OCR product, which is capable of processing 10 pages per second per core.  When it is released, CVISION’s real-time OCR will be the fastest engine available, processing files 10-20 times faster than competing products.  

Here is an excerpt from the feature in Document Imaging Report:

From what I understand, CVision is able to convert recognized characters into symbols, which greatly accelerates the OCR process, especially on multi-page documents. The demo I saw processed 400 pages in 18 seconds, or an average of 22 pages per second. CEO Ari Gross told me CVision has tested the technology to deliver 10 pages per second per core processor. "With a quad-core processors, we can hit 40 pages per second," he said. Average OCR rates, from what I understand, are at least several seconds per page.

For the full article, see the link below: