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CVISION Provides National Insurance Company with Compression Solution to Integrate with EMC Documentum and Process Up to 100 Million Pages

CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a national insurance company with an image compression solution. The insurance company purchased a license of PdfCompressor to process up to four million pages per month.

The insurance company had a backlog of some 100 million images accumulated from years prior. The company wanted to store these images as efficiently as possible without having to rely on additional server space. In addition to their backlog the company also received 200 million pages a month in their workload. These documents needed to be stored, shared, and transferred without hassle. The company already used EMC Documentum for enterprise content management and database purposes. To resolve these issues the company required software that could perform excellent compression as well as integrate seamlessly with EMC Documentum. They turned to CVISION Technologies and their software tool, PdfCompressor. With PdfCompressor the company was able to compress the high volume of images from their backlog, as well as reduce the size of their daily documents to create a more effective work environment.

PdfCompressor is a powerful compression solution that can benefit any office that utilizes electronic images or files. By reducing file size, documents can be accessed in a quicker and easier manner. PdfCompressor can compress files without compromising image quality, producing files that are compact and identical to the original.

Reh Hassan, a national account manager at CVISION Technologies, said, “Most offices now work with electronic files and they can all benefit from compression software. Compression can easily resolve issues related to document storage and sharing, allowing an office to work much more efficiently.”