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CVISION sponsors AIIM Webinar

CVISION Technologies will be sponsoring an AIIM webinar on November 19, 2008. The webinar is entitled Automating Document-Centric Processes within SharePoint. The event is free to attend.

AIIM Event information:
Odds are someone, somewhere in your organization is using Microsoft SharePoint. Leveraging your existing investment and knowledgebase in SharePoint can be a springboard to achieving success with your business process management (BPM) initiatives. Just as critical to your success is incorporating paper-based information into your BPM systems. Paper-intensive business processes are the bottlenecks in your workflows constraining the pace of business. Tying document capture and imaging technologies into SharePoint can eliminate these bottlenecks and unleash huge productivity potential while improving information security and compliance. Join us for a discussion that gets beneath the surface of these issues and discover how to help your company extract the most value from your BPM programs.

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