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CVISION to present at AIIM Webinar

CVISION Technologies will be sponsoring and speaking at an AIIM webinar on June 3rd, 2009. The webinar is entitled How Automated Data Capture Can Work for You.  The event is free to attend, and available online on attendee’s desktops.

General Event Information

All forms are not created equal. However, whether they are fixed, semi-structured, or unstructured the data contained on them can be extracted automatically. If your organization is manually keying in data from forms (of whatever type), an automated solution can reduce cost, improve accuracy, and increase speed. Automating a document workflow can produce a quick, measurable ROI for any organization.If you’re looking to reduce document processing costs, join us for a discussion of best practices on how this can be done, whether general business forms, EOBs (explanation of benefits), or invoices. Topics in this webinar include:
  • How do you define and differentiate between fixed, structured, and semi-structured forms
  • Two different approaches to capturing data from semi-structured forms
  • A discussion of best practices applicable to capturing date from any form type
  • How to apply those best practice principles to EOBs and invoices
  • An overview of the benefits and potential ROI
To register, visit AIIM’s website:

For more information on data capture & document automation, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.