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CVista 1.1 produces the most compressed bitonal image documents available anywhere, resulting in file sizes that are up to twenty times smaller than those possible with the TIFF G4 compression format. CVista 1.1 also makes the images "intelligent" by enabling the user to conduct key-word searches with direct image highlighting of query results. The CVista 1.1 Viewer saves to formats that include CIF (CVISION Image Format), TIF, OCRed text, and now, also PDF and searchable PDF formats.

"We are very excited about the new power that this revolutionary CVISION technology is giving professionals to manipulate, search, and transmit very large image files with the same ease of use that was, until now, only possible with text files", says Armand Laufer, CVISION'S VP for Business Development.

By compressing the image down to a file size often as small as a text file, and providing key-word search results on the image itself, CVista 1.1 eliminates the need for a separate OCR file, and unlike an OCRed text file, the fidelity of the original scan is always preserved. The compressed, searchable images can be immediately transmitted over the web at a warp speed previously unheard of for scanned documents.

Scanned documents can be archived in CVISION's native CIF format, so that storage devices have 5x-10x their comparable TIF file storage capacity, or they can be exported to any of the standard formats, including searchable PDF. CVista 1.1 technology is extremely relevant to applications such as web hosting, remote scanning/printing, and offshore coding. CVista 1.1 has a complete, easy-to-use API toolkit, geared towards the image application developer, which should make integration a snap. For more information about the CVista 1.1 release, visit CVISION on the Web at, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call CVISION toll-free at (866) 393-5572.

CVISION TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in captured digital media software development. Using its patent-pending technology, CVISION provides innovative solutions to industry in the areas of digital compression, transmission, and control.