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CVISION Technologies Inc, a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a global financial institution with a document capture solution for their TIFF files. The financial institution purchased PdfCompressor with OCR to process 1,000 pages per month.

The financial institution needed a software solution that could effectively convert and compress batches of TIFFs, as well as integrate with their existing workflow system. With a backlog of 20,000 TIFFs of varying content, the institution turned to CVISION’s PdfCompressor with OCR to optimize their files. PdfCompressor was able to fully integrate with the institution’s workflow and provide file conversion, file compression, and OCR to maximize efficiency.

Using PdfCompressor with OCR the institution was able to create compact, accessible, and searchable files. With the TIFFs converted to compressed, searchable PDFs documents were easier to email, transmit, access, and store.

CVISION’s PdfCompressor is used by corporate clients worldwide as industries transition towards paperless offices and working with electronic documents. Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, said, “Advanced document capture solutions are very useful for companies because they allow them to create much more efficient documents. In many cases the companies can achieve a measurable return on investment by implementing these solutions.”