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Under the terms of the relationship, Adobe will provide CVISION's color segmentation, MRC color compression and JBIG2 bitonal compression technologies to licensees of Adobe's PDF Scan Library. The Adobe PDF Scan Library is a set of technologies that facilitate the conversion of paper documents to high quality, compact, searchable, rights-protected PDF files through image capture devices such as document scanners, multi-function peripherals, and associated software applications. The use of CVISION's compression and segmentation technologies in conjunction with Adobe PDF Scan Library will enable companies to better bridge their paper and electronic workflows.

"Despite the growing adoption of digital workflow solutions in the enterprise and government, most business processes begin with paper. With today's announcement, Adobe continues to meet the demands of the world's largest image capture vendors to create more web-efficient and secure workflows that originate from paper," said John Hoye, director, Business Development, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "We believe the addition of CVISION's compression technologies will advance our mission to provide the market with a powerful set of capabilities that enhance our customers' ability to integrate paper into critical business processes, creating added value in post-scan workflows."

"We are very happy with the agreement with Adobe as it clearly attests to CVISION's leadership in image compression and segmentation technology. We expect that our ongoing efforts to satisfy Adobe's demanding requirements for its customers will result in helping us keep our products world class and well targeted to our users' needs." said Ari Gross, chief executive officer of CVISION.

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CVISION Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in management of image and electronic documents. CVISION's solutions help convert documents into compressed, web-optimized and text-searchable PDF files. CVISION software creates the world's most compressed PDF files equipped with OCR. CVISION has served the needs of industry leaders in the fields of Financial Services, Banking, Government, Real Estate, and Law; and is used by over 100 Fortune 500 Companies.