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Join CVISION for a free webinar on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 2:30PM – 3:00 PM ET. To join the webinar or for more information email: info (at)  

Reduce Invoice Data Entry Costs with Advanced Recognition (OCR): An Automated Solution Built for Prophet 21:

The invoice processing cycle is one of the most paper-intensive and time consuming processes in business today. This webinar will introduce and demonstrate a solution designed by CVISION for Activant Prophet 21 which will reduce invoice processing data entry, while accelerating the accounts payable process.

CVISION has engineered a solution for Prophet 21 which will automatically extract field and tabular data from invoices. After data extraction, using USER-defined business rules, a validation module is used to review and approve your invoices. Once approved, the invoice data is automatically uploaded into the Prophet 21 system. This semi-automated solution to invoice processing should significantly reduce your processing costs.

This webinar is essential for any fiscally responsible accounts payable manager / supervisor, IT professional, or CFO looking to reduce spending within an organization. By scanning invoices and automating the data extraction process, a company can transition towards the paperless office, while producing a quick measurable ROI in reduced invoice processing costs.

This live webinar and demonstration will discuss:

• Using document capture to transition towards the paperless office  
• How higher accuracy rates (OCR) produce more automation
• Live demonstration of the process: Configuration, Extraction, Validation, Export
• How organizations can reduce invoice data entry costs and repurpose employees to more value added positions
• The benefits of automated invoice processing