Recent News and Events

President/CEO Ari Gross will be guest speaking at the TAWPI conference on Tuesday, June 13 at 11:00AM. He will cover Document Capture, Conversion, Compression and Archiving in PDF - effective methods to capture, compress, convert, and archive documents and the relationship between these document applications and the PDF file format. He will also consider additional document-related applications, including OCR (optical character recognition), conversion validation, and speed printing. His talk will conclude with a discussion on PDF/A specifications and their relevance to long-term document archiving.

Gross discusses some of the benefits one would gain from his talk. “Companies will be able to understand the tradeoffs between PDF and other formats and make informed decisions regarding accurate OCR of image documents. They will appreciate the ROI associated with document compression and web-optimization, understand the basic design principles in PDF/A, and value the current state of technology in file conversion validation and speed printing.”

CVISION is the leader in image compression to PDF. With groundbreaking JBIG2 and JPX technology, CVISION has revolutionized the art of bitonal (B/W) compression and color compression. The new PdfCompressor compresses color PDFs at an average ratio of 100:1. PdfCompressor 3.1 sets a new standard for color and black and white image compression.

CVISION's imaging software and solutions simplify and enhance the distribution, management and control of digital images and documents. CVISION is focused on innovative solutions that provide users at all levels with money-saving solutions that enable faster access to high-resolution, multipurpose digital images and multimedia content. CVISION's fast and powerful Internet solutions empower organizations to better manage their storage and Internet use - delivering captured images faster, and increasing productivity.