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CVISION Technologies ( is pleased to announce a recent project with Dutch Scientific publisher BRILL. The relationship was formed by CVISION’s Dutch reseller, Avas Systems. BRILL has used CVISION’s PdfCompressor for several of their projects in order to make source information accessible online.

The Medieval Pamphlet Collection of the Royal Library and the State University of Groningen was been put online in 2006 in DjVu-format.  To meet the public’s wishes 1,000,000 pages were converted from TIFF to PDF in 2008.

The primary reason CVISION was chosen was based on the software’s ability to define a fast batch job which can immediately be applied to the source information. All set-ups had been made on test material and after achieving optimal results, the settings were applied to the final batch job with hardly any loss of image quality after compression.

Considering, this material was dated from the 15th century and contains different languages and spellings, OCR was not applied to these documents. The project was focused on compressing the documents, and converting the output to PDF format.

With this conversion all material is now available in both DjVu and PDF format. A significant advantage of PDF is that it is a standard that anyone can read. PDF also supports multi-page capabilities. When opened, a PDF can be easily saved or printed. A disadvantage could be that the whole file must be downloaded, even when you only need one page. But, as this particular project only concerns relatively small files, no downloading problems have occurred. In order to keep the files small, we choose for a low resolution (100 dpi).

For another project, BRILL used CVISION’s PdfCompressor with the OCR function. This project concerns documents in the field of human rights, dated from the end of last century until now. All documents are now fully text searchable.

The OCR function files text on PDF as well as in a separate text file. This text file is used for OCR text searches. When searching for a word or phrase, all related PDF documents will be shown and the concerning words/phrases are marked. The batch jobs are easily made and it takes relatively little time to achieve the best results.

This modern technology enables BRILL to make scientific information accessible online for scientific research, whereas normally this information was only accessible in a few places in the world!

CVISION Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in image compression and a leading provider of recognition technology and PDF workflow applications. CVISION provides solutions to enable companies to efficiently and optimally manage their documents with software that converts documents into highly compressed, web-optimized, and searchable PDF files.