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PdfCompressor v3.0 compresses PDF image files up to 100x smaller than their normal size. It also converts image documents in TIFF, JPEG, and 15 additional formats to compressed PDF. Once compressed, documents and images use remarkably less storage space, can be stamped and indexed for lightning fast search and retrieval, and can be distributed via Internet/Intranet in a fraction of the normal transmission time. Compressed files can be viewed easily using Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.

"Compressing PDF, or converting other file formats to compressed PDF, delivers return on investment in several ways," says Ralph Cafiero, COO of CVISION Technologies, LLC. "Standard size color PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs take up a lot of space and transmit slowly. When you compress those files at an 100:1 ratio, you gain back roughly 99% of your storage space and transmission time."

Faster transmission speed pays dividends two additional ways and PdfCompressor v3.0 uses the latest compression technology to make the most compact, Web-friendly files available today. For a 60-page color file, download time is reduced from 10 minutes to an astounding 15 seconds! Users will never incur costly bandwidth overcharges from their Internet Service Provider and recipients of compressed PDFs will appreciate the transmission speed. Transmitting color compressed PDFs can actually give a company a strong competitive advantage.

Why PDFs?
For many companies, sharing files in PDF format is the best approach to take. Everyone inside and outside of a company has access to Acrobat Reader, making PDFs the most universally available file format to view. The problem is that PDF transmission and viewing is slow. PdfCompressor solves that problem. What's more, PdfCompressor contains enhanced features to compress PDF files easier than ever.

Conversion, Indexing and Security
PdfCompressor enables conversion of TIFF, JPEG, PDF and 15 additional file formats into super-compressed, 100% standard PDF files.

For easy retrieval of saved compressed documents, PdfCompressor facilitates the creation of searchable PDF images. In addition, PDF files can be Date stamped, Bates stamped and Watermarked.

Says Cafiero, "Every previous version of PdfCompressor had the ability to convert TIFF files into PDF format. This was done in response to industry demand for a more efficient OCR approach than can be achieved using TIFF format . To OCR a TIFF file, you have to create a completely separate text file, and you cannot search directly on the scanned document. Compressed PDF uses a hidden text layer for the same purpose, so creating an additional file isn't necessary. By adding color compression capability to PdfCompressor 3.0, we've now created the ability to scan color documents with the ease and efficiency of black and white scanning.."

PdfCompressor also enables Web-optimization of compressed PDFs for fast Internet-based viewing. Where document security is a concern, files can be view-, print-, or edit-protected with 128-bit RC4 encryption.

Additional features of PdfCompressor v3.0

  • Maintain embedded PDF structure (text, hyperlinks and bookmarks)
  • Support picture detection and JBIG2 Halftoning for scanned newspaper, magazine, and ebook PDF conversions
  • Provide OCR support for foreign languages
  • Enhance your scanned files with image processing functions including cleaning, smoothing, deskewing, despeckling, resampling, quantization and color remapping
  • Merge single page or multipage PDFs, TIFFs, & JPEGs to multipage compressed PDFs
  • Convert entire directories with a single click
  • Launch a Watched Folder mode for automated workflow environment
  • Extensive parameter tuning capabilities for the Advanced User, such as auto MMR coding
  • Compress 2,400 color pages/hour or 10,000 bitonal pages/hour on a Pentium IV 3.2 GHz
  • Set viewer preferences (single column, multicolumn, author, title, full screen mode, etc)

About CVISION Technologies, LLC
CVISION Technologies, LLC was founded in 1997. The company is committed to developing imaging software and solutions that simplify and enhance the distribution, management and control of digital images and documents. CVISION's fast and powerful imaging solutions empower organizations to better manage their Internet use, delivering captured images faster, optimizing bandwidth and increasing productivity.