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Benefits of Becoming a CVISION Reseller: Increase Revenue by Distinguishing Your Product Line

Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

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Distinguish your product offerings through unique, robust solutions for clients performing high-volume scanning. CVISION solutions are used by over 1000 corporate clients including many Fortune 500 companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Disney Corporation, and Deutsche Bank. 

CVISION Technologies is recognized as the world leader in file compression; our PdfCompressor product is used in high document volume settings for thousands of clients. We also offer superior OCR distinguished by best in class image processing technology. In addition to offering products to produce the most efficient documents possible, CVISION also provides automated data capture solutions for document processing such as invoices, forms, and corporate documents. Our automated data capture solutions stand apart from competing products based on higher data extraction accuracy. 

Topics Include: 
• Benefits of adding CVISION’s robust product line to your current offerings 
• Introducing CVISION solutions to address specific client business requirements 
• Solutions overview: more accurate OCR, world-class file compression, automated data extraction 
• The ROI of automated document processing

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