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Although modern technology can make an office into a paperless environment, many offices still rely on paper documents. According to a national survey conducted by AIIM, a content management association, 62 percent of documents are still archived in paper by businesses. Paper documents are inefficient to work with and costly since they have to be maintained and stored. They burden storage capacity and slow down workflow because they have to be manually searched for.

Instead of expending resources and wasting time looking for documents, OCR can be used to make files text searchable. OCR is optical character recognition, a technology that has the ability to recognize characters such as letters and numbers and then convert them into text. After scanning documents OCR can make them searchable and editable. Files and content can be instantly located via the search function, and editing can be done directly with copy and paste. With internal document processing streamlined, offices reduce cost and can begin to realize an increase in profits. OCR digitizes the entire document process, eliminating the need to use paper, which results in much more efficient work.

IT professionals and analysts predict that paper usage in offices will decline in the future, in part due to the rising prevalence of OCR. Many offices in a wide array of industries have already taken the route towards working paperless, a transition that has improved productivity and returns.