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Question: All of my scans come out as TIFF files, which I then convert to PDFs. However I still can’t edit any of them. Is there software that can make TIFF or PDF text editable?

Answer: Yes, there is software available that can render TIFF and PDF text editable and searchable. It is called OCR, which stands for optical character recognition. The reason you cannot edit TIFF or PDF files is that they are captured images of the original document. OCR works by taking the image file and converting it into a machine encoded text file, allowing it to be worked on like a normal text file, thus allowing editing and searching. CVISION Technologies is a leading provider of OCR software, and their Maestro Recognition Server is powered by the most accurate OCR engine in the market. The Maestro Recognition Server has accuracy rates above 99% and can process up to 20 pages per second.

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