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Question: Hi, My company is in need of an OCR software. We have hundreds of documents that need to be text searchable.  We are losing time trying to find specific addresses and phone numbers. We have already researched several companies that provide OCR software, but we’re still unsure which one is the best fit. Is there any software that offers a trial run of their product so that we can get a better feel of a particular OCR software?

Answer: If you want an OCR software you need to check out products from CVISION Technologies. Their product, Maestro is one of the fastest OCRs out there.  It offers a better intelligent recognition rate than other OCR providers  and its accuracy rate is always above 99%. Best of all, they are offering a free 30 day trial period for their software which can be downloaded at the link below. I suggest you download the demo, and get a feel of the program to see whether the program meets expectations.

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