Enhance Health 2.0 with Automated EOB Processing

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In recent years, the healthcare industry has taken a value-based approach by integrating technology into existing processes. This created new forms of service such as online chats and real-time healthcare, collectively known as Connected Health or cHealth. The term “Health 2.0” defines this growing trend of using technology to deliver better medical treatment, including cHealth and other features such as automated EOB processing that allow providers to maximize efficiency.

But what exactly can automated EOB processing do to enhance Health 2.0? How can it contribute to adding value for patients?

Reduced EOB Processing Time and Data Entry Costs
Healthcare providers handle a staggering amount of health records on a daily basis, including EOB (explanation of benefits) forms. A strong automation solution can effectively extract field-data such as patient details, insurance plan details, and provider information from an EOB form, validate the information, and output everything to a database or another desired output location.

Extract field data from health records with Trapeze

Reduce EOB Processing Time with CVISION’s Trapeze automated extraction solution.

With automated EOB processing, organizations can reduce labor costs and allocate those funds toward other areas of the organization such as providing better medical equipment or investing in more training programs to improve overall healthcare quality.

Higher Quality of Care and Greater Value for Patients with EOB Processing
Transferring information to a digital database allows healthcare professionals to quickly find critical patient details. This facilitates higher quality service by allowing them to spend more time and resources providing care than handling paperwork and sorting through physical files. Document automation also reduces human error, helping medical organizations maintain a high standard of accuracy that benefits their patients.

According to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 38.4% of physicians now use full or partial electronic health records systems. True healthcare leaders in the digital age will go further to optimize their EHR systems with data extraction technology. Automated EOB processing doesn’t just cut down on data entry costs, health record errors, and processing times, it establishes a strong competitive advantage by enabling organizations to provide better healthcare.

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