Robust PDF software solution to convert omnichannel inputs into PDF/A files, redacted documents, text-searchable PDFs with OCR, compressed documents to reduce PDF size, and more.

PDF Software Platform at Enterprise Scale

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Rendition Server is a powerful PDF software platform dedicated to converting and optimizing documents at enterprise scale. Within this platform, enterprises can convert documents to PDF and PDF/A, optimize their PDFs with OCR and compression, redact sensitive personal information, and much more.

Robust PDF Conversion Software

Rendition Server is a fully scalable platform that integrates into IT architectures so that it can be called not just on one device per license but throughout the organization—including via desktop, mobile, email, and command line—and can be used for various document processing needs. Flexible, multi-tenant platform access enables enterprises to save time and money by converting documents according to the nature of their own workflows.

In addition, Rendition Server relies on a flexible licensing model that easily scales across multiple servers and higher volumes. Accordingly, Rendition Server helps enterprises meet seasonal and unforeseen document processing peaks. In the event that your organization needs to quickly convert and archive documents for an audit or to meet surprise peaks in demand, Rendition Server provides an adaptable multi-functional platform to help reach that goal comfortably.

Rendition Server offers PDF and PDF/A Conversion , aiding enterprises in compliance through long-term data archiving. Organizations benefit from PDF conversion since PDF files are universal—they can be accessed across different computer systems. PDF/A files have the added bonus of providing long-term storage of documents as they can be opened on any computer, given that the computer has a PDF/A reader. PDF/A conversion assists in compliance by ensuring future data retrieval for persons within an enterprise as well as inspectors of an enterprise.

Moreover, Rendition Server allows enterprises to standardize their document conversion workflows. It’s inefficient to save documents in an array of different formats, since an organization must then have multiple reader software in order to access these different formats. Instead, organizations can rely on a sole software, Rendition Server, to convert a plethora of different input files into PDFs, eliminating the need for multiple reader software. Enterprises can even program Rendition Server to automatically convert email attachments that abide by certain parameters to PDFs.

Enterprise PDF Software Solution

Possessing Rendition Server is useful for daily document transmission. With its compression feature, compressing files for email can be done efficiently in one software. Compressing PDFs makes them easier and faster to email, download, and open. Unlike limited online PDF compressor tools, Rendition Server consists of a powerful PDF compressor technology that not only reduces PDF size, but assures the quality of your files remain the same or is enhanced—another thing online PDF compressor tools cannot ensure.

While online tools may be useful for quickly compressing or converting a few files, large organizations handling high-volume document processing need a scalable platform. Enterprises can manage and process their documents in Rendition Server, on any platform used by the company. To further aid in eliminating the need for multiple reader software, Rendition Server processes documents and provides optimized outputs from omnichannel inputs. Inputs may include PDFs, faxes, and scanned files. Optimized outputs include compressed documents, PDF files rendered text-searchable with OCR, redacted documents, and PDF/A files.

Modern enterprises and enterprises looking to modernize will benefit from Rendition Server, as it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the company. To discover the fully scalable document conversion platform built for archiving, compression, and conversion solutions, trial Rendition Server today!

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