OCR for HP scanners

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Question: Does your OCR engine support HP scanners?

Answer: Yes, our OCR engine is compatible with HP scanners. If you are looking for an OCR download for a HP scanner I would suggest trying either PdfCompressor Professional or Desktop, both are equipped with OCR.

The Professional Version of PdfCompressor features improved color and bitonal compression, allowing for documents that are up to 100x smaller than their original. In addition to the compression results, the product has super-accurate OCR capabilities for over 60 languages.
The Desktop Version of PdfCompressor would also be a strong option for a HP OCR Download. The Desktop Edition is a “lite” alternative to the Professional Edition. It is designed to compress only a single document at a time, each of which does not exceed 100 pages. You can test out the OCR on this download as well.We offer full tech support with our free 30 day evaluation of the Professional or the Desktop download.

If you are interested in either product as a potential OCR Download, I have attached the link below.

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