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Question: My business deals with large PDF files often. These PDF files decrease the performance of our computers, and our document workflow. Can reducing these PDF files help?

Answer: Our PDF conversion software converts PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files into compressed, Web-optimized and text-searchable PDF files. In converting with CVISION’s PdfCompressor, file sizes decrease by an order of magnitude. The PDF conversion and compression including greatly reduced storage requirements, which dramatically improves the performance of your computer.

CVISION’s software provides leading edge PDF compression, empowering companies to save time and money. CVISION is the first company to enable color image compression at a 100:1 ratio with no loss in quality. The outstanding PDF writing capabilities in PdfCompressor guarantee that all files produced are compatible with Adobe Reader 5.0 and higher while retaining important document metadata, such as bookmarks and hyperlinks.

For a free 30-day trial, click the link below.

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