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Questions: Does the PdfCompressor have the ability to make files text searchable, even if the files are JPEG or TIFF? Also, what are the advantages of text searchable documents?

Answer: PdfCompressor compressed files & inputs OCR to make files text-searchable. If you have TIFF files or JPEG file, we can convert TIFFs and JPEGs into compressed, searchable PDFs. The OCR engine with PdfCompressor is made with corporate business needs in mind. The OCR engine is designed for large volume, business needs.

Through robust functionality, PdfCompressor provides configurations for speed, volume, and automation. CVISION automates the OCR process with Watch Folder capabilities; through Watch Folders, users can leave the process unattended as documents are processed. In Watch Folder mode, files are OCR’d by simply being dropped into a folder. To accommodate large volume scanning, the Batch OCR feature within PdfCompressor enables scanned documents to be processed fast; PdfCompressor OCR processing rates are about 1 page per second..

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