PdfCompressor Watch Folder & Multiple Users

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Question: We purchased PdfCompressor application some time back. It was installed onto a server so multiple uses could use it for compression & OCR of our scanned documents. How does a workstation user run the application that is installed on the server?

Answer: PdfCompressor has a feature which is called a “watch folder” which runs as a service on a particular machine or server. The folders that PdfCompressor watches could be a network folder/s or a local folder/s. In either case, any of the users that need to compress files would only need access to these folders. Once files are dropped into these folders our compressor would automatically grab the files and compress them.

Please note that we have the “Watch Folder” documented in our Help Options, a full HTML help facility is provided to the user with the install of PdfCompressor. It can be accessed from the “CVision” folder in your Start menu as well as from the program itself. We also have a BLOG that we host and update a regular basis


Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

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