OCR Scanner

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Question: Can your software add OCR to scanned documents? Answer: Our software specializes in scanned documents. When your PDFs are the best they can be, everyone who uses your files saves time and you save money. For scanned documents, this …

OCR Scan

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Question: I want to make my scanned documents OCR searchable. Is there any way to do an OCR scan? Answer: Our PdfCompressor can make your documents fully searchable with CVISION’s super-accurate OCR. Intelligent pre-processing makes our OCR far more accurate …

PDF OCR Tutorial

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Question: I just installed the trial version of PdfCompressor, I have some questions on how to use the product and general questions regarding conversation to PDF and OCR. Prior to purchasing your product, I want to understand why I would …

OCR for French

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Question: Does your OCR engine support French? Answer: CVISION’s OCR supports over 60 different languages including French. For a list of OCR supported languages, click here: http://www.cvisiontech.com/language_list.html

Color OCR

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Question: Can I OCR scanned color documents reliably, particularly newspaper and magazine scans? Answer: Although OCR rates are getting better with each new OCR product release, there is a considerable disparity in recognition rates between bitonal (black & white) documents …