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How PDF Linearization Can Improve Your Users Experience

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PDF Optimization

A versatile and powerful format, PDF is the standard in file sharing. Marketers have looked for ways to share their PDF content without limiting their users’ web experience and increasing their SEO presence. Optimizing PDF documents allows users to get the best experience by cutting download speeds, making PDFs text-searchable, and linearizing. Linearization is also known as “web optimization” and “fast web view.” PDF linearization is the process of downloading the page a user is attempting to view first, then loading the other pages in the background.

PDF Linearization: Fast Streaming

When users search the web for content and come across your white paper, eBook or latest market research report, you are that much closer to engaging your audience. If your PDF content takes too long to view, much like a slow-loading web page, users are much more likely to turn away to other sources that will offer answers quicker. This can be prevented through web-optimization or linearization of PDF documents.

PDF linearization shuffles the contents of the PDF file to display the page a user is trying to access at the beginning of the file. Through this, users will be able to more immediately view the desired page while the remainder of the file downloads in the background. This speed improvement increases the likelihood that users will read and engage with the content, improving the effectiveness of your latest online guide or white paper and helping establish an ROI for your content marketing.

Document Web-Optimization: Random Access Feature

Normally when a user is looking to open an unlinearized 20, 200, or 2000-page PDF document, he or she will have to wait a while before they see what’s on a specific page mid-way through the document. With linearization, your users can look at page 1067 before earlier pages download so they can access the information they need right away. This “random access” feature allows users to go directly to any random page and see its contents.

Getting Started with PDF Linearization

Linearization can increase your visibility on the web by generating easily accessible PDF content. Download your free trial of PDF Compressor to see how you can improve your PDFs on the web.

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