Watch Folder Capabilities

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Question: I’ve set up a Job to watch a folder and delete the source after compressing; it’s also overwriting existing files. The job seems to work just fine. However when I attempt to edit the configuration file I get Error 76 Path not found and when I click OK the application just closes. This message is generated whether the service is running, stopped or paused. Is it possible to modify an existing job or does it need to be recreated with the altered parameters. Would I be better off setting a job like this up from the command line and running it as a scheduled task?

Answer: The Watch Folder uses the watchfolder.cfg file as the configuration file, this file most definitely can be modified once the service is stopped from the Windows Services. When you have completed editing the configuration file please make sure to restart the service from the Windows Services window, and the changes should apply successfully, if they have been entered correctly.

You can also recreate the WatchFolder.cfg by using the GUI and selecting the options that you need. Once you have done so, please hit “Run Job” to apply the new settings to the watchfolder.cfg.

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