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Question: I am interested in minimizing my PDF documents. Does your product maintain quality after the PDF file size minimization? How much will the PDF file be reduced by using PdfCompressor?

Answer: Our PdfCompressor helps convert PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files into compressed, web-optimized, minimized and text searchable PDF files. The PdfCompressor reduces PDF file size of scanned color PDFs up to 1/100th of the size, and minimizes scanned black & white PDFs up to 1/10th of the size. We can also minimize electronic PDFs which may require a tweaking in the setting and using the Rasterization mode opposed to the Stream mode. Please have in mind you can always submit the file to us for examining. We will return the compressed file along with the utilized settings.

The PDF file reduction is completed while maintaining file quality; however there are various types of files out there, the standard setting of PdfCompressor usually works well to compress them. However, some other files may require tweaking those setting to achieve better PDF file reduction results. In these instances, or for any other questions to help reduce PDF file size, contact

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