API Integration for PDF Compression with OCR

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Question: I am developing a .net application to merge individual TIFFs to a single multi-page PDF file. In addition I need a way to compress the PDF to a fraction of its original size. We have some documents that span over 1500+ pages. Will your API allow me to do the rollup and compression functions? If so I would like an evaluation copy so I can prototype something. Also does the evaluation copy have any limitations?

Answer: We usually recommend using the default options set by the GUI to get started when trying to determine the optimal compression settings via the API Toolkit. To accomplish this, you can run a simple batch job using the default settings, and then inspect the file called “_cmdrun.bat” that is created in the root folder of PdfCompressor 3.1. Copy all of the flags beginning after “PDFCompress.exe” (the first one is usually “-m”) until the -redistderr flag (that one is not needed), and use this as the options string passed to the Open function in the API. You can then tweak the parameters as needed.

If you still have trouble, feel free to contact me at support@cvisiontech.com.

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