PDF vs. JPEG – What output to scan to?

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Question: Our company scans many documents daily; currently, the output files of our scanners are JPEGs. We are considering switching to PDFs. However, within our company we are split as to whether to convert to PDFs, or keep them as JPEGs, as we have been doing forever. Could you help me make my argument to my colleagues? Would it be possible to make a quick list for reference of the advantages of scanning to PDF, as opposed to JPEG?

Answer: We come across companies all the time with similar questions regarding what output to scan to. As document imaging professionals, we find that in nearly all cases, it is best to convert company documents to PDFs. Per your request, I have listed some of the advantages of converting to PDF as opposed to JPEG below:

* Viewing from any of 500,000,000 computers
* Editing using readily available tools
* Web optimization allowing downloads to open immediately
* Text Searchability with text within the document using OCR
* Compression up to 1/100th the size of JPEG
* Metadata with info about the document travels with the document
* Portability to any OS/Hardware
* Additional file control using advanced tools.

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