Reduce the Size of a PDF File

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I’ve been having some trouble working with PDF’s, especially uploading and emailing them, and someone suggested I try reducing the size. How do I do that, and what would be the benefits?



Reducing the size of the file could definitely help with your problem. High quality PDFs can be very large, resulting in long upload times and overflowing inboxes. By shrinking the file, you can keep all of the information while making it much faster and easier to transmit and share. You would also be saving disk space by keeping files in a smaller format. To do this, you could use a PDF compressor. CVISION offers a tool called PdfCompressor, which is very effective and easy to use. It can compress files by 10x-100x while preserving a high level of image quality. It also contains the added benefit of OCR to make your PDFs text-searchable.


To see if this resolves your problem, download the free trial version of PdfCompressor:

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