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I have a lot of PDF files that I want to archive for long-term use. What is the best way to do this?



The best way to create a PDF file archive is to convert your documents into PDF/A format. PDF/A is a restricted version of PDF that ensures your documents will be viewable in the future, even if new software no longer supports the original fonts and formatting. PDF/A can always be opened as long as you have a PDF/A reader, making it the most secure, reliable archiving method. This storage method lets you avoid the risk of losing valuable information, and gives you convenient access to all of your documents. Additionally, it is more accessible and easier to use than microfiche. To create a PDF/A archive, you must first convert your documents into PDF/A format. This process is very simple with the help of conversion software such as CVISION’s DocArchiver, a server-based system that enables the verification and correction of documents into PDF/A format.


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