What is PDF/A?

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I have a lot of digital documents that absolutely must be able to be opened in the future. I was at a business lunch the other day and someone mentioned PDF/A files for archiving, but I had no idea what he was talking about. What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is a file format used for archiving digital documents. Unlike regular PDF (portable document format) files, PDF/A files have all the information needed to open them embedded in the file itself, meaning that the only thing needed to open a PDF/A file in the future is a PDF/A reader. This ensures that your documents will be able to be opened in the future. CVISION Technologies has software called PdfCompressor, which will, among other things, convert your digital documents to secure PDF/A files for archiving. I have included a link to our downloads page where you can download a free trial and experiment with PDF/A files. The best way to learn what PDF/A is is to try it, and if you like the software you can purchase a full version.


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