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Is it possible to archive PDF files? Our company is looking for a way to digitize our archives. Is archiving PDF files a secure way to store information in the long run?

You’re on the right track with your idea to archive PDF files. Actually, there is a subset of the PDF format, called PDF/A, that is specifically designed for archival purposes. You can safely archive PDF files by converting them to PDF/A, or you can scan your paper documents and store them as PDF/A files. The main difference between regular PDF files and PDF/As is that PDF/A files contain all information needed to open them, including font information, making them truly platform-independent. All that will be needed in the future to open PDF/A files is a PDF/A reader, regardless of how standard system fonts and other such data has changed. CVISION’s DocArchiver converts files to PDF/A, and ensures that they remain compliant with the PDF/A standard.

You can download a free trial version of DocArchiver by clicking the link below.

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