CVISION Releases PdfCompressor 6.0

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CVISION Technologies, a leading provider of software to optimize document-driven workflows and business processes, announced recently the release of PdfCompressor 6.0. PdfCompressor version 6.0 drastically reduces document file sizes in corporate environments, enabling organizations to reduce storage costs while producing image documents more efficient to access, transmit, and share. The new release also includes improved file compression quality, increased OCR recognition accuracy, faster compression processing speed, and support for up to 117 OCR languages.
Built for high-volume, corporate environments, the newly updated PdfCompressor 6.0 is designed to optimize PDF documents, making them smaller, faster, more accessible and easier to process. With best in class OCR & dramatic file compression, PdfCompressor 6.0 not only integrates with existing workflows, but also improves them by producing significantly more manageable files. This allows organizations to spend less time managing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks.

PdfCompressor 6.0 differentiates itself by testing 5%-10% more accurately than leading OCR engines. High accuracy recognition rates are achieved by leveraging advanced image processing techniques, some of which include re-sampling, foreground/background separation, and auto-rotation. Higher accuracy OCR creates a great advantage for organizations by saving them time and money, while creating a more efficient way to access files and minimizing errors in data extraction.

PdfCompressor 6.0 features:
• The world’s most advanced file compression technology
• The most accurate OCR engine available, recognizing more characters, even in poor quality scans
• Improved file compression technology to reduce documents 10x-100x smaller, in addition to improved MRC compression and new lossless color/gray-scale compression
• Server-class, enterprise strength searchable PDF solution, fully utilizing a hyper-threaded, multi-core device
• Updated User Interface for increased functionality and usability
• The fastest real-time OCR engine available, providing speeds 5x faster than competing OCR engines
• Seamless Integration into SharePoint, generating PDF documents that can be inserted into and searched from SharePoint
• Increased user control with interactive running command line updates
• Improved control of logging capabilities through log limitations by size and date
• Improved auto-rotation technique for improved PDF control
• Automatic Updates to upgrade PdfCompressor automatically to the most up-to-date build

PdfCompressor 6.0 strengthens features of earlier releases and adds new features to meet the expanding needs of organizations with high-volume scanning needs. PdfCompressor 6.0 also converts 14 file formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and PDF, to either PDF or PDF/A for long-term archiving.

“CVISION solutions resonate with organizations looking for technology to accelerate their business while reducing costs. PdfCompressor version 6.0 in particular is in a class above all other document capture solutions in its ability to OCR and compress documents instantly with the highest accuracy,” said Chris Koulouris, Director of Marketing at CVISION. “Being able to process documents in real time speed enables organizations to create a standard where all captured documents are searchable, compressed, and converted to PDF files. The real-time OCR mode can keep up with any capture device, such as MFPs, while the highly accurate mode is useful for document process workflows that require high precision.”

PdfCompressor 6.0 is engineered for industrial-strength, corporate environments. However, licenses are available for any organization’s document processing needs. Previous versions of PdfCompressor are currently being used by over 100 Fortune 500 companies and by thousands of corporate clients worldwide. Versions of PdfCompressor are also available for Kofax Capture, EMC Captiva InputAccel, and Oracle Universal Content Management.

PdfCompressor 6.0 is available online for a free evaluation and can be purchased on the online e-store.

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