3 Surprisingly Powerful Benefits of File Compression

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When IT managers and CTOs hear “file compression,” they think “reduced storage costs,” sometimes followed up with a roll of the eyes. But file compression is not just about storage space, and implementing an organization-wide solution can transform stagnant processes into swift, efficient operations.

For instance, file exchange has become one of the largest concerns in document management. As documents become increasingly complex, the file size increases, making it difficult to efficiently transfer materials. Smaller file sizes facilitate better file exchange, which is imperative to companies that need to share information in a timely manner.
With file compression software such as CVISION’s PdfCompressor, file exchange issues are obsolete thanks to 3 major benefits:

1. Increased Employee Efficiency: Large files take an extensive amount of time to download, especially when they contain images and other components. Trying to access immense files can cause lengthy delays that slow down workflows and reduce efficiency.

Compressed files, on the other hand, have comparatively faster speeds. Employees can quickly retrieve information from storage to resume working, improving workflow speed.

2. Improved User Experience: Certain companies provide services that rely on providing downloadable content. With uncompressed files, customers are greatly affected by slow download speed, which lowers the overall quality of their experience on the website.

Using file compression to facilitate faster downloads helps to prevent customers from leaving the company page. One particular company that supplied historical documents struggled to deliver large files to customers and wanted to improve their download time. After implementing CVISION’s file compression software, downloads were almost instantaneous, and users enjoyed a better experience on their website.

3. Faster Communication: Sending and receiving files can be an incredibly slow process. There is almost nothing that can be done during that period of waiting between the sender and the receiver. This is inefficient, especially when deadlines have to be met in the next hour.

File compression effectively compacts the file size, reducing transmission delay and enabling fast communication. A CVISION client saved both time and money after utilizing file compression to meet high-pressure deadlines, even achieving compression rates between 9x to 10x.

What can file compression do for your business? Find out today with CVISION’s PdfCompressor.

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