3 Concrete Examples of Document Management with CVISION’s PdfCompressor

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In the digital age, the need for a document solution is growing as fast as the stacks of paper that pile up in your office and the files in your database. Short of wildly setting everything ablaze, companies must resort to document management software in order to handle information of all shapes, sizes and formats.

The question then becomes; what defines good document management software? The software should be able to shrink file sizes, make scans and other images into text-searchable files, and fit in any business system without major interference. Most importantly, it should provide substantial return on investment shortly after implementation.

With PdfCompressor from CVISION, organizations can simultaneously improve business efficiency while eliminating their fears of being overwhelmed by bloated file sizes and misplaced documents. Let’s take a look at how PdfCompressor manages to do so.

1. Text-searchable files and system integration

Frontier Farm Credit is an institution providing financial services for the agricultural sector. Due to receiving large, non-searchable files on a daily basis, they sought a solution that could reduce file sizes, apply optical character recognition (OCR) to make documents text-searchable, and assimilate into their OnBase document management system.

With CVISION’s PdfCompressor, Frontier Farm easily compressed the files for faster email transfer and reduced download time. To create easier information retrieval, TIFF and PDF files were converted to a text-searchable format to enable simple, instant keyword search with OCR. CVISION’s PdfCompressor was also integrated into the pre-established workflow with minimal disruption, facilitating swift and smooth adoption by employees and satisfying the client’s requirements.

Discover how Frontier Farm created text-searchable files with PdfCompressor.

2. File compression and image quality preservation

American Radio History needed a better solution to address blurry text and large image files in their information database. They wanted faster download times for users while retaining high image quality after file compression.

After implementing PdfCompressor, American Radio History reduced hefty file sizes by up to 100x for faster email and download speeds. Even further, the software produced files with better compressed image quality compared to their previous solution. By utilizing lossless file compression techniques, our document management software successfully fulfilled both criteria without sacrificing one for the other.

Confused about lossless file compression? No worries; take a look here.

3. File conversion and efficient storage

Black & Veatch, a global EPC company, was struggling with Homeland Security-related documents in their workflow due to varied file types and inefficient file sizes. The documents in question ranged from color to black-and-white, with complex layouts, and had to be converted into PDF files for proper database storage.

With CVISION’s PdfCompressor, the company achieved compression ratios of 9x to 10x, facilitating swift file transfer between the Homeland Security network and Congress. The conversion of the various file types to PDF format also protected data and established a universal format for easier viewing across devices and platforms.

See the other benefits of converting files to PDF format.


The case studies listed here are only a sample of the capabilities of CVISION’s PdfCompressor. Every company needs an efficient solution for document management; find out why PdfCompressor is the right one for you.

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