Maestro 6.6 is a highly accurate OCR software that renders documents text-searchable.

Improving Organizational Efficiency with Maestro 6.6

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What is Maestro 6.6?

Maestro is known for its highly accurate OCR engine, converting all scanned documents into fully text-searchable PDF files. Optical character recognition software creates efficiencies in document processing that allow organizations to move closer to paperless offices, saving in storage costs and refocusing employee time.

Healthcare provider City of Hope managed to improve patient experience and clinical research speed with OCR software for their electronic health records. By using OCR, a job that had previously taken up to a week could be finished in a day. With minimal supervision required staff is able to focus their time on patients and treatment.

New features such as the ability to export recognized OCR to text in .docx and.epub formats ensure file transfers are faster and easier. Java support for the software developer kit (SDK) allow organizations to better tailor Maestro to their company needs.  With bug fixes in the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), organizations can now efficiently use the watched folder feature without manually deleting processed document on the FTP site.  Other improved benefits include better functionality with higher image quality and OCR accuracy.

Maestro 6.6 Features:
  • Java support for SDK *NEW*
  • Several bug fixes to improve user experience *NEW*
  • Ability to export recognized OCR text to .docx and .epub formats *NEW*
  • Support for the SFTP (Secure file transfer program) file transfer protocol in remote file processing *NEW*
  • Support for CMYK decoding algorithms for color TIFF files *NEW*
  • Improved Arabic text recognition support
  • Watched Folder for automated OCR process results
  • Batch OCR for large volume
  • Robust Batch OCR functionality including error log files and confidence controls
  • Control output generated in 10 different formats
  • Supports OCR input of 11 different file formats including TIFF & PDF

Are you looking to improve your organization’s document sharing, archiving and management efficiency? Get started with your free trial of Maestro 6.6!


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