Comparison of cheap, online PDF compressors and CVISION’s PDF Compressor that can reduce PDF size efficiently and has OCR software.

Can I Get By with a Free Online PDF Compressor?

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At the base level, all PDF compression software solutions achieve the same thing—reduce PDF size for faster transmission speeds and reduced storage costs. However, cheap and free PDF compression software tools do not efficiently optimize your PDF. By opting to license a robust PDF compressor, organizations can both compress an abundance of documents daily and optimize their PDF files for smarter storage, archiving, and management with OCR, MRC, and PDF/A conversion.

Limitations of a Free Online PDF Compressor

Large documents can be troublesome. If the files are very large, they can cost an organization many man-hours per year to email, download, and open. While online PDF compressors provide quick solutions to compressing individual PDFs, they possess major drawbacks to organizations looking to compress many documents every day.

Free PDF compression solutions limit the amount of daily file compressions or only offer a set number of free compressions. In addition, cheap PDF compression software solutions most likely do not offer batch processing or offer much in the way of processing and compressing multiple files at once to save time in document workflows. Accordingly, if your organization processes a substantial amount of documents daily, online and cheap PDF compressor software do not fulfill your compression needs.

High Volume PDF Compression

Licensing a professional, enterprise-ready PDF compressor enables organizations to significantly reduce the time and effort spent manually inputting files into a file compression software. PDF Compressor, a fully-scalable solution by CVISION, has efficient batch processing and multi-threading capabilities. These capabilities enable organizations to compress an abundance of documents at once.

Lossless Compression With MRC

Not all compression technologies are created equal. CVISION’s PDF Compressor harnesses Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression. MRC compression separates a digital document into three layers in order to employ multiple compression algorithms. The multiple algorithms create a lossless compression which enables the compressed document to retain more image quality than other compression methods would at the same level of file size reduction.

OCR Software For Instant Information Retrieval

Compressing PDF files is not the only way to optimize your documents. As organizations modernize their office by scanning documents to digital formats, they often run into the issue of not being able to locate specific information in the sea of backlogged content and archives when it comes time for reporting, auditing, and so on. Scanned documents are simply image replicas of their original documents, so in order to successfully review and retrieve specific information from documents the files must be rendered text-searchable with OCR. CVISION’s PDF Compressor incorporates OCR technology into its software in order to give organizations the option to enhance the usability of their PDF files.

Comply With Record Retention Regulations With PDF/A Conversion

Furthermore, CVISION’s PDF Compressor equips organizations with efficient archiving technology. By utilizing PDF/A conversion, organizations can efficiently store their documents long-term and open PDF/A documents in the future on any computer with a PDF/A reader. CVISION’s PDF/A conversion abides by ISO 19005 standards to ensure organizations are compliant with digital archiving.

Licensing a powerful PDF compressor software equips organizations with the ability to augment the efficiency of their PDF files with batch processing and multi-threading, OCR, advanced MRC compression, and PDF/A conversion. Compare online PDF compressor tools to CVISION’s robust PDF Compressor by beginning your free trial today!

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