OCR Advantages

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Question: I was online looking for some OCR solutions. I found a couple of different OCR software solutions. What is the difference between other OCR engines, and the OCR in PdfCompressor?

Answer: CVISION uses the latest OCR techniques while also discovering OCR methods of our own through our ongoing OCR research. CVISION’s PDF OCR engine provides remarkable speed and accuracy that one must experience to believe. Our PDF OCR and conversion creates a seamless pipeline for transitioning your existing documents and images into a more compact, more easily searchable format. With our watched folder and batch modes the process is practically work free.

The OCR engine within PdfCompressor also:
• Automates the OCR process with Watch Folders
• OCRs large volumes with Batch OCR
• Locates a single word with an entire multi-page document
• Takes less time rewriting text with super-accurate OCR
• Document Compression combined with OCR accuracy
• OCRs supported in 60+ languages
• Processes large document volumes fast
• Superior OCR results for color documents
• Perceptually lossless, web-optimized, searchable PDFs
• Multi-directional OCR

To try out the OCR click below:

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