Advantages of PDF Files

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Question: Several clients send my company TIFF, JPEG, and PDF files all the time and the company’s scanner output is TIFF. Is it advantageous if the company converts the TIFF files and JPEG files into PDF files. so that we have one file form?

Answer: It would be advantageous for your company to convert TIFFs and JPEGs into PDFs. PDF are readily viewable on any PC with Adobe’s free reader. The nature of PDFs allows the documents to be uniformly printed and viewed. Furthermore, PDFs can be equipped with an OCR layer to make your documents text-searchable. OCR converts image documents into text searchable PDF files. Searchable files created by OCR, are far more manageable and users are more efficient.

If you are interested in converting TIFF files and JPEG files into compressed, OCRed PDF files, you can click the link below.

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