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I’m looking into an OCR program for my company’s 200,000 or so PDF documents. What is the best OCR program available? Obviously, I’m looking for something that can handle a large document volume.

In determining the best OCR program for your needs, it sounds like two factors will be important: efficiency and accuracy; accuracy because inaccurate OCR is pretty much useless, and efficiency because you have a large number of PDF documents on which you need to use the OCR program. I can honestly say that CVISION Technologies’ OCR program, Maestro Recognition Server, is powered by the most accurate OCR engine available. It is also designed for large batch processing, and is capable of running its OCR program on approximately three pages per second. Does this make it the best OCR program available? We like to think so, but you can decide if you think it is the best OCR program yourself by downloading the free trial version.

The free trial version of Maestro Recognition Server, our best OCR program, is available at the link below.

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