License renewal

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Question: I am unclear when each month our “battery” recharges on our PDF compressor. Do you know when the monthly credits are replenished? Answer: The “monthly battery” recharges on the 1st of every month, not depending on the day of …

OCR for German

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Question: Does your OCR engine support German? Answer: CVISION’s OCR supports over 60 different languages including German. For a list of OCR supported languages, click here:

Testing Evaluating

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Question: I’ve downloaded your trial software and compressed a PDF. I noticed it put a watermark at the bottom of each page advertising the software and it links to your site. How do I disable that link? How do I …

Install Errors

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Question: I just downloaded CVista PdfCompressor Professional 3.1. When I try to start up PdfCompressor, I get an error message about failing to load ‘CommonDialog’ from COMDLG32.OCX. Any ideas what is going on here? Answer: The reason that you are …

Adobe Optimizer

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Question: I want to optimize my Adobe PDFs. What is the best way to optimize Adobe PDF documents? Answer: One of the most important factors for optimizing Adobe PDFs is compression. Just because a file has lots & lots of …